Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Biggest Thanks EVER!!

Hello guys!! Today i just wanted to share with you my excitement and just talk with you a little bit! So, two days ago, on the 24 of October, this little blog turned 1 month old!! =D When i started it was so hard because i had no idea how to create a blog or even what to post on it. Lets not even mention the part of were i had no idea how to let people know about this blog. At first i had ideas i thought people would probably like, but then i realized that i wanted to write something i was interested in and the right people would come along! I didn't realize that there were actually people out there that would be interested in reading what a 16 year old girl wrote in the comfort of her bedroom but oh my god! You guys blew my mind because already so many of you read my weird posts! I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all soooo much whether you found out about my blog today, yesterday or three weeks ago!! You are awesome!

What i love most about blogging is that i am able to express my self and connect with so many awesome people. In just one month i connected with a lot of amazing bloggers and youtubers with the same passion as me, to entertain! Blogging became a bigger part of me than what i thought it would and i don't think i will be stopping any time soon! I just want to become better and better and hopefully we will get more people to join this journey!
Again i want to thank all of you soo freaking much for reading this weird blog and i will see you all next time with a new post! Love ya! :))

P.S. Thank you sooooo much!! You are awesome!! :D

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