Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Animal Cruelty Is Real

Hello guys! On this post i wanted to do something different and a little more heart touching than my other posts. Basically i want to refer to animal cruelty and especially on the topic of abandoning animals. Before i begin, if you are not an animal lover then it's ok! I just want to refer to some things i feel are unacceptable not just because i am an animal lover but because i want to help make our world a little bit better.

So, story time! This afternoon, after my mom picked me up from school, we drove to my sister's school to pick her up as well. As we parked our car, a little black dog, which obviously didn't feel the taste of food for quite some time, straggled to walk out of the little field opposite the school. It was all dirty, hungry and probably sick. My mom saw it and it was in such a bad condition that she felt sorry for it. She took my bottle of water and went to give it some water to drink. The poor thing was scared but so pleased to see that somebody was willing to help it! My mom felt so sorry for it that she took it and placed it in the car. She said it's coming with us! You can not imagine how happy the little dog was! It was wagging it's tail and laid on my sister's lap so quietly. The whole scene was too overwhelming, i can only imagine how the poor, little dog was feeling.

The dog is currently in our yard with food, water and a little doggy house for it to sleep inside. My first thought when finding the dog, though, was how is it ever possible for the owner to not provide these essentials for his dog. When you decide to adopt a dog you provide it a home. Pet's need a lot more than just a home, for example let's say food? Water? Yes, shocking i know! Animals have certain needs to survive too. When you decide to adopt a dog you should keep this in mind.

The subject of animal cruelty bathers me so much because, in Cyprus, laws against it are very few to almost none existing. People adopt a puppy only to it them loose after a couple months. If you take a five minute drive around my neighborhood you will probably see around 5-10 loose dogs and i'm not even exaggerating. This is just a small neighborhood in a small country of one continent of the whole globe. Can you just imagine how many abandoned animals exist worldwide? How many of them die from lack of food or water, from a careless driver who didn't notice them in the middle of the street, from those dirty twisted minds of people actually torturing them to their deaths? We take action against human cruelty, why not animal cruelty as well? 

I wrote this post not to brag that i'm an animal lover and i help animals. I'm not even trying to tell you to adopt animals you find on the street. For goodness sake i'm not even asking you to love animals! I'm just asking to give them some sympathy and never allow for cruelty to exist.  When you do see a dog out in the street alone, please check if it has a collar with a number on it or take it to the vet to check if it has a microchip in it with all the information you need to find the owner. Never, and i say NEVER torture an animal in any way including hitting it, kicking it or even scaring it. If you do own a pet make sure to neuter it (is this how it's called? it think so!). This way it wont make any more babies and it will be more calm.

I do understand that we probably didn't make any difference in animal cruelty by saving this one dog, but i know that we did make a big deference in this dog's life! We gave it a chance to live and that is priceless! When people tell you that one person is never enough to change the world, you better tell them that one person is all it takes. I hope that even one person will read this and feel something in their heart. Thank you so much for reading and i apologize for it being so long. See you all next time! :)

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