Thursday, 2 October 2014

October Essentials #1

Hello guys! October is finally here! Just two more months for Christmas =D If you haven't already guessed i am very exited for cold weather to finally be here so i wanted to share some of my October essentials to get you through the season! 

1. My absolute favorite knitted jacket.

Oh my! I have been waiting for so long to be able to wear this! I have a real thing for knitted jackets or anything knitted actually and think that this season is perfect for them! They just add that Autumn feel to your look, plus they are so warm yet light. Agh, just love them!

2. "Match Perfection" powder and foundation by Rimmel. 

Now the thing about me is that i have a really oily skin so make-up never stays on my face and after an hour it looks oily and disgusting. I have been using this brand for some time now and i am soo happy with it! It stays in place for hours and my skin doesn't look oily at all. I use it in the "light nude" shade for the foundation and the "warm beige" shade for the powder. Plus it's so light and it almost feels as if nothing is on your face so i'm totally in love with it!

3. This lovely travel mug.

So i'm a big coffee lover but never have enough time to drink a cup in the morning before i leave for school. This thing is an absolute lifesaver! I take it with me at school everyday and have plenty of coffee to keep me through the day. You can put about 2 cups of coffee in there, hot or warm! I think you can practically find these anywhere and they are relatively cheap! 

4. Essence lipstick.

I'm not sure if you guys can see how dark this color is in the picture but in real life it's just beautiful! It's from "Essence" and in the color "09 Wear Berries!" (yes there's an exclamation mark in it's name). I thought it would be great for a night out with friends and since it is sort of a deeper color i would probably use lighter make-up with it. Oh, that "e" ? Yeah, i kinda loved that!

5. An over-sized hand bag.

So, i bought this bag on sale when i went to Finland so i'm not sure you can find the exact one. The store's name was "Halpa-Halli" so i guess you can check that out. Anyway, i think over-sized bags are perfect for this season and i kinda tend to put a lot of things in my bag so this is great! If you look closely, you may see that the inside of the bag is blue with black polka dots. Even though no one will see it i really loved it and thought it was just great. 

6, My winter hat.

Ok, so technically it's it's not winter yet BUT the weather is kinda chilly, especially at night time. Maybe you won't be able to get to use it too much but still i think it's great for those chilly nights. Basically it's just a simple black knitted hat you can find all over the place! I loved this one because not a lot of these hats look good on me but this one does!

7. This kitten notebook!

So, i know that probably no one will care about this one but come on!! It's just adorable! I just love cats so this notebook was pretty perfect for me. I get to use it a lot so, yeah. It is one of the things i will be using all October long! ^.^

So these were all my October Essentials! Hope you guys saw something you liked and have a very happy month!! Don't forget to leave a comment bellow telling me what your favorite thing on the list was and i will be seeing you guys next time! :) x

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