Thursday, 27 November 2014

25 Random Facts About..Me!

Hello guys!! So, guess what!! Two days ago, i have officially been blogging for two months!! =D Even though i got to meet some amazing people within these 2 months, i feel as if i haven't really connected with you guys that much. I really want to get to know all of my readers and all of you to get to know me so...this is what we are going to be doing today!! I made a list of 25 random facts about me so you guys can get to know who this blogger you are reading about is! Now, let's get started shall we?

1. I love cats!!
Haha yes it's true!! I am a cat lover! Honestly if this whole love thing doesn't work out for me, i see my self 60 years old with 20 cats in my little apartment. Kinda sad but possible!

2. Insects freak the hell out of me.
Insects and especially cockroaches are like my biggest phobia. My reaction when i see one is as if the end of the world is happening and i'm about to die! This ain't a game cockroach. :(

3. I'm addicted to music. ADDICTED!
Seriously, the amount of time i spend listening to music is ridiculous. Wake up? Music! Studying? Music! Going to school? Music! Eating? Music! Breathing? Music!! Right now? MUSIC! i think it's turning into a problem..

4. I procrastinate.
Oh god, this is like the worst thing i do and it happens all the time. Even with this post it happened! I can never get my self to finish things on time or manage my time properly for all the things i should do. Then i stress out and say i'm going to finish things on time next time. Yeah..never do!

5. I don't eat eggs.
Ok before you freak out stop! Let me explain myself! So i hate eating eggs and it doesn't matter if they are boiled, fried, or in an omelet; i still don't like them! Not even the smell of them actually. BUT, this doesn't mean i don't like cakes! I'm still a human people.

6. I keep drinks in my mouth.
So this one may sound a little weird but i have this thing of where, when i drink something..let's say coffee, i keep it in my mouth for a little bit until it turns to rooms temper and then i drink it. Is this too weird? I don't know..i'm weird guys there's a fact for you!

7. I love YouTube!
So this may not sound that much as a fact but still, i spend endless hours on YouTube watching all of my favorite YouTubers and getting some ideas future YouTube channel!! Spoiler alert, i am planning to start a channel right after Christmas so if you would be interested in that better stay tuned! =D

8. My favorite season is..
My favorite season has to be winter even though in Cyprus there is no snow. Movies with a nice cup of coffee and thunders outside? Ugh, so amazing!

9. Going with that, my least favorite season is Summer. A lot of people get shocked when i say this but i don't like summer at all. It's so hot that i literally sit down and sweat. No beach can help this girl!

10. I'm half Cypriot and half Finish!
So, my mom is Finish and my dad is Cypriot. I live in Cyprus even though i spent the first 3 years of my life in England. I was born in Cyprus though. Oh! And for the past two years i spent like a month or so in Finland with all my realtives!

11. I love fussy, long socks!
Ok, really, who doesn't?? I live for fussy long socks and own a couple of pears.

12. I collect lip glosses.
I don't know why but i have started collecting lip glosses lately. Personally i hate how they look on me but i love having them so i keep a few in a cute box. Don't ask why cause i don't have the answer. Weird, told you!

13. I'm not organized at all.
Well, yeah i guess that's all. I never organize anything about nothing; i just like taking decisions on the spot.

14. I hate surprises.
When i say surprises, i don't mean little gifts you got me out of nowhere. I mean the big ones, like a surprise parties, finding out i have to be somewhere like in an hour. This kinds of thing i hate. Even though i do not organize anything i usually make a little plan for my day so, when things like this happen i have to change my whole plans. Not a good thing for me.

15. I get addicted to stuff really easily.
Ok, so what happens with me is that i will get super addicted to something and i will keep doing it from the moment i wake up to the moment i go back to sleep. After a few days or weeks or so, though, i will get bored of it and quit just like that! I mean, i don't know why but i just get bored and can't get my self to focus on it so i just don't!

16. Horror films terrify me!
Seriously, i get scared soo easily it's ridiculous.

17. I'm scared of the dark.
Speaking about fears, i'm also scared of the dark! I always sleep with a little light in my bedroom. It's a thing i had since for ever!

18. I own teddy bears that are almost as old as me!
Yup..i have a couple of teddy bears actually, that i own since i was a few months old! They are still in perfect condition!

20. I can't eat breakfast.
Honestly, how can people eat 10 minutes after they opened their eyes? My tummy needs like an extra hour to be able to function correctly!

21. When i was younger i got an accordion and i would play with it so much, my mom had to take it away from me and hide it. I found it a few years later and sister broke it for me.

24. My favorite thing to eat is feta cheese!
Feta is a Greek style white cheese that you usually put in salads. It literally tastes like heaven!! If you didn't try it, i don't know what you have been doing with your life!

25. So last but not least!
I have a special love about butterflies. They symbolize sunny weathers after a storm and for this reason, when everything falls into place with my life and i find my way i will be getting a butterfly tattoo on my left wrist! It's kind of a thing i set with my self to keep me going and keep myself positive no matter what!

So these were all the facts about me! I hope you learnt something and you don't find me too crazy. I really want to get to know all of you guys as well so don't forget to leave a comment bellow with one weird fact about you! Let's make this a weird people's club!! :p Thank you all again for all your love and support and i will be seeing you hopefully a lot sooner next time! :)


  1. Haha. Some of these facts are too relatable. I procrastinate, love YouTube and still have old teddy bears too ;) Congrats on having blogged for two months!

    I've nominated you for the grateful blogger tag. Here's the link:

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Haha thank you soo much!! =D i will definitely check out the tag..thanks for nominating me!! xx

  2. I love your blog
    Please check mine --> My lips are Poison
    Hope you can have a look at my blog. If you wanna follow each other, comment in my blog when done.


    1. Thank you so much!! ^.^ will check out your blog right now..thanks for reading mine!! :) x

  3. You're the first person I've come across that also hates eggs! I don't even know why! I thought I was allergic to them but, like you, I'm an avid cake-eater!

    Such a pretty blog as well! xx

    Golden Ducklings

    1. Oh wow! So nice to find someone else who hates eggs too!! =D Thank you so much!! xx