Tuesday, 7 October 2014

8 Everyday Products You Were Using Wrong Your Whole Life

Hello guys! So i was scrolling down my news feed on Facebook the other day and i came across a video that basically shocked me! The video was actually demonstrating the proper way to eat a Toblerone chocolate. I was amazed on how wrong i was eating it my whole life and wondered what else i could be possible using wrong. When i researched the topic i discovered way to many things that i was using wrong and knew that well, everyone did! So without any further ado, here are some things you were using wrong your hole life and had no idea!

1. How to eat Toblerone [apparently] the proper way.

So umm, yeah! This is how you are supposed to eat a piece of Toblerone without straggling! You simply press the piece down instead of up and there you go! Simple as that.

2. You can use soda tabs to hold your straw.

If you turn the tab around it can stop your straw from raising out of the can while the soda fizzes.

3. Ketchup cups can fit more ketchup than you think!

You can pull apart the edges of the cup to make the container twice the size! This way you don't need to refill plus you can fit more chips in there!

You can also use them to make this if you like!:

Or this? Yeah, maybe not.

4. Aluminium foils have this little trick.

Without being sure how many brands of aluminium foil actually have this feature, it seems like if you press the little triangle inside, it holds the aluminium roll in place so it doesn't drop out every time you try to cut a piece!

5. Snack bags can turn into snack bowls.

Even though this is more of a life hack it's still awesome! You can roll the bottom of your snack bag to make sure you have easy access to your little snack!

6. You're using bobby pins the wrong way.

I know what you're thinking..WHAT? Yes, you were actually using bobby pins wrong your whole life. The reason for putting the wavy side downwards instead of upwards is because this way you get more hair and make sure your bobby pin stays in place!

7. You are using the wrong plunger.

Even though this is the most common plunger you are suppose to use it only for sinks. The proper toilet plunger is this one:

8. The real use of a juice box's side flaps.

The flaps on a juice box does actually have a purpose and it's so children can hold them. This is so they don't squeeze the juice box and spill all the juice on them! Better admit that this trick would have saved you a lot of t-shirts when you were younger!

So this was all i had for you guys today. Of course there are so many more everyday products we don't use the proper way but i just gathered the most interesting ones for you! Hope you enjoyed and learned how to use a couple of things the right way! See you guys next time!! :)

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