Friday, 3 October 2014

7 Mind Blowing Facts About Music.

Hello guys! I have a confection to make. I think...i'm addicted to music! No worries though. Studies have shown that music is in fact as addictive as drugs. I guess music is a kind of drug, the best kind of drug! So today i have gathered some of the best facts about music i could get my hands on and listed them down just for you! Just put on your favorite song and prepare to drop your jaw!

1. Music doesn't only affect your mood but also you heartbeat! Depending on the kind of music you listen your body reacts to it accordingly making your heart beat faster or slower. 

2.  Flowers can grow faster by listening to music!

3. American composer John Cage composed a work in 1952 titled "4'33", which, wait for it, consists of four minutes and thirty-three seconds of absolute silence!

4. The song "Happy Birthday To You" is not a public-domain composition. A performance fee must be paid every time it is used for commercial purposes!

5. Originally, the first line of the famous song "White Christmas" was "I'm sitting by a pool Beverly Hills dreaming of a White Christmas." A friend of the songwriter suggested he should drop the reference to Beverly Hills, and the song became the most commercially successful song ever!

6. Listening to music while working out actually improves your physical performance! The same happens when you listen to music while doing homework!

7. Europe has "Silent Discos" were you can listen to music though headphones. This style of clubbing is mostly popular for music festivals, when people want to party long after noise ordinances would allow!

Well this was all i had for you guys! Hope you enjoyed and found something interesting! Don't forget to share with a friend who loves music and leave a comment bellow telling me which one was your favorite fact! See you all hopefully next time!! :))

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