Tuesday, 18 November 2014

14 Most Pointless Inventions Ever.

Hello guys! Technology is really evolving these days. I mean we have smartphones, tablets and all kinds of gadgets people 20 years ago couldn't even imagine! Aside all the grand, amazing, useful inventions the world has managed to discover, there are some which well, we could definitely live without them. Don't believe me? Here you go then!

1. Solar Powered Cigarettes.

2. Handerpants.

3. Shoe Umbrellas.

4. These Head Rests

5. Finger Tooth Brush.

6. Cat Mopping Shoes.

7. Food-Cooling Chopsticks.

8. Butter Stick.

9. Portable Headrest

10. Pet Rock.

11. Glass Toaster.

12. Cleaning Shoes.

13. Portable Toilet Paper.

14. The "How To Read A Book" Book.

Well those were some pointless inventions! I guess i will go invent something now. I hope you guys enjoyed and if you have leave a comment bellow telling me which invention you thought was the most pointless one! I will see you all next time! :)

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